Everyone has a story they are meant to share.

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And mine’s isn’t even published yet

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You Can Even Keep Your Pyjamas On

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Personal Branding is an Opportunity to Create Limitless Income Potential

My personal brand earned me an invite to 10 Downing Street to read at The Burns Supper and sit at table with the Prime Minister

Necessity will drive you to take consistent action and consistent action is what will make you successful.

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YOU are your Hook! ⁣⠀

Instead of spending days on end trying to…

You too have a story that people will connect with. You’ve just got to share it.

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Within the space of 24 months, I was running a business that made over $1million per year and employed 10 members of staff.

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Sleep 6 to an apartment and eat Ramen; if you have to.

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‘A good coach can change the game, a great coach can change your life.’


If you win the morning, you win the day

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Liv Conlon

The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year. I built a £1m business by the age of 19. Featured on BBC & Insider. I can help you become a Thought Leader in YOUR space.

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